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希彭斯澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载校园内所有成员的安全是澳门皇冠app官网的首要任务. 澳门皇冠app官网的宗旨和责任是提供尽可能安全的生活和学习环境.

T在这里 are many security and safety features at Ship. 这些包括:

  • High intensity sodium vapor lights that make for a well-lighted campus
  • Surveillance cameras throughout campus
  • Closed-circuit TV cameras at the entrance of every residence hall
  • 30多部室外紧急电话和更多室内电话直接连接到希彭斯澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载警察行动中心

Dial 1444 for criminal actions and police emergencies.

For medical or fire emergencies, dial 911.

For SUPD news updates visit 在这里

SU-Alert is 澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载’s Emergency Notification System

它用于在发生对校园造成直接和危及生命危险的危机或紧急情况时迅速向注册用户发出警报. Everyone is strongly encouraged to use this system to receive important alerts.

All 学生, 教师 and staff are preregistered and can manage their account 在这里

父母, families, community members should 现在注册!

  • For Campus 警察 Dial 1444: 任何学生都应直接报告潜在的犯罪行为和警察紧急事件, 教师, or employee to the University 警察 by dialing campus extension 1444. 大学警察会被立即派遣到投诉地点,并在必要时进行逮捕.
  • Other Emergencies Call 911校内任何需要医疗或火灾紧急援助的人都应拨打911. 他们将与县管制人员直接联系,并将派遣适当的应急人员. University 警察 personnel will respond to the scene as well.

The University 警察 Station is located in the Reed Operations Center. 校园内还有室外和室内的紧急电话,可以直接连接到警察局. The University 警察 Department maintains both a crime and fire log, which is available for public inspection 24-7. These logs are located in the police dispatch center.

澳门皇冠app官网的无毒品校园政策要求所有员工和学生收到说明大学与毒品和酒精相关的行为标准的文献, the applicable legal sanctions under local, 州或联邦法律. University police strictly enforce laws regulating underage drinking, the use of controlled substances and weapons. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on campus. Illegal drugs are not permitted on campus. 通过员工援助计划向员工提供药物和酒精滥用教育项目.

W在这里 can I turn for assistance related to drug and alcohol use?

寻求咨询、治疗或康复的学生可以澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载的校园协调员 吸毒和酗酒方案.

希彭斯堡校区设置了许多安全设施,以确保每个人尽可能的安全, including measures for general safety, fire safety and residential hall security.

一般的安全: The campus is well-lighted with high intensity sodium vapor lights. 澳门皇冠app官网的设施管理及策划处定期巡视校园设施, 进行必要的维修, responds to reports of potential safety hazards.

Surveillance cameras have been installed in key locations around the campus. 每个宿舍的每个入口都有一个闭路电视摄像头,由希彭斯澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载警方监控.T在这里 are over 30 outdoor emergency telephones located across campus, many more indoor emergency phones, which are directly connected to the University 警察 Operations Center.

消防安全:每个宿舍都配备了自动烟雾/热探测系统,由希彭斯澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载警方24小时监控. 该系统还包括频闪灯单元,以通知听力受损的学生. An alarm prompts immediate evacuation of the building. 该系统还可以对篡改进行自检,减少误报的机会.

每个宿舍房间都有一个交流供电的烟雾探测器和电池备份, which resident assistants check during monthly room inspections. 所有宿舍每学期至少进行两次消防演习. 未能按要求撤离的学生将被移交给学校的行为系统.

All residence halls are equipped with fire sprinkler systems. 所有校园建筑的许多不同区域也提供灭火器,每月检查一次. Fire hydrants are located outside each residence hall. 公共安全部门每月都会对校园的每个设施进行建筑检查.

学生宿舍安全: Professional resident deans, 研究生宿舍主任和宿舍助理住在宿舍里,轮流值班. As members of the residence life staff, they undergo thorough training in enforcing residence hall security policies.

在指定的白天和晚上的时间里,前台助理被分配到每个宿舍主入口的前台. 如有需要,这些服务台助理会立即与大学警务处联络. 宿舍生活人员和校园警察也在宿舍区域进行步行和自行车巡逻.

All residence hall doors are locked 24-hours a day. 电子警报器会提醒工作人员宿舍的出口是否打开或未锁. 一卡通门禁系统只允许学生和授权人员持身份证从正门进入大厅. Visitors must sign in at the main desk. 校内和校外访客必须由一名学生护送通过宿舍. Most student rooms have dead bolt locks; rooms in older residence halls have conventional locks. All windows have locking devices.

在学生入住率低的时期,学校会对学生实施特殊的安全措施. During holidays and vacations, 例如, 住校学生被合并到更少的宿舍,探访程序可能更严格.

The cost for all student parking hangtags is $75.00 for the first hangtag; additional hangtags for the same student are $10.00. The cost for all 教师 and staff parking hangtags are $1.00 for every hangtag purchased. Additionally, hangtags may be purchased per semester for $40. 许可证有效期为每年9月1日至次年8月31日(只适用于购买了整个学年的许可证). 停车 hangtag purchases are nonrefundable.

Find out how to purchase your parking hangtag/permit, pay parking tickets, other important information 关于校园停车.

每年,希彭斯澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载都会发布校园安全和消防统计数据. 下载报告: 校园安全 & Security/Fire Statistics Report (安全 Report PDF).

免费的 应用程序为学生 & 工作人员 Turns Your 电话 Into A Personal Security Device


电话ShipShield应用程序是一款免费的移动应用程序,可以把任何智能手机变成个人安全设备. By downloading this free safety app, 学生, staff and 教师 can enhance their personal safety both on and off campus.

  • Register and set up an account: 用户可以添加自己的名字, 校区地址, 医疗记录及其他相关信息,以备校园紧急情况时使用.
  • Easy Emergency Communication在紧急情况下, 一键滑块功能可以给校园安全官员打电话,并显示用户的Guardian档案和当前的GPS位置. 
  • 非紧急提示:用户可以通过应用程序通过短信提交提示信息,校园安全部门会收到提示信息.  Campus safety can then respond in real time back to the user.
  • 设置安全计时器:  In the event a student feels unsafe, they can set a timer with their current location, indicating w在这里 they are going and when they should arrive.  In the event they do not make it t在这里 and de-active the timer, Guardians or campus safety will be immediately alerted.


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In partner澳门皇冠app官网 with the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office, 在里德行动中心的大厅里有一个处方药弃置收集箱.


  • 所有被处理的药物都需要放在密封的容器中,如原瓶或密封袋. They may NOT be disposed of loosely.
  • Liquid pharmaceuticals should remain in the original container
  • Personal information should be removed or blotted out with a permanent marker
  • Prescription and over-the-counter solid medications, 平板电脑和胶囊, 液体药物, 吸入器, 面霜, 药膏, nasal sprays and pet medications